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Air Ducts & HVAC Cleaning Schedule

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

Air Duct Cleaning SERVPRO West Oklahoma City Air Duct Cleaning Schedule SERVPRO West Oklahoma City

What is Indoor Air Quality and how does it affect those occupying a structure? It is important that the air we breathe is free from harmful particulates. The air in your home or place of business will circulate through a ventilation system so making sure each area within the structure is free from any contamination will play a huge factor in maintaining healthy levels of indoor air quality. 

Ventilation systems by nature will process dust, dirt, bacteria and many other particulates throughout your home. Of course filters should be changed regularly and we always recommend using a HEPA filter to achieve the highest level of industry filtration available.

So, when should I schedule air duct cleaning? We recommend cleaning the air ducts at least once a year but every few years might be more appropriate for some. What's most important is that you contain and remove airborne contaminants in your ventilation system that could cause respiratory harm to you or others within the structure. It may surprise how much dust can accumulate in a year's time especially with different seasonal weather factors. 

The air duct cleaning process is quite simple but will take a dedicated technician to spend the appropriate amount of time and effort into cleaning each ventilation duct. First your air duct cleaning company must provide the appropriate tools and equipment for the job. One piece of equipment that is leading the HVAC cleaning industry is called the BrushBeast by Rotobrush.

Each register in the home will need to be taken down with the help of a drill and possibly a ladder depending on the location of each register. Once these devices are removed, you can send the air duct cleaning hose into the ductwork. This hose is a vacuum hose and inside of that hose is a cable that rotates the brush head at the end very similar to a dryer vent cleaning tool. As the brush rotates it will agitate the inside of the ductwork where particles are extracted into the vacuum and contained for disposal. 

Water damage and microbial damage can also cause indoor air quality issues in your home. As air comes out of the unit, humidity levels are higher than air going in. When these humidity levels become too high many property owners can experience condensation buildup and even microbial damage on contiguous drywall. 

When a home is affected by mold or other microorganisms it is recommended that after the remediation is complete, air ducts in the home are also cleaned. The nature of microorganisms is to reproduce by going airborne to more sustainable environments. As these microorganisms become airborne they will process through the ventilation system. 

So we recommend home and business owners put a cleaning program or schedule in place to promote better indoor air quality because the air we breathe everyday is very important.

For more information about air duct cleaning services, give us a call.

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